It has exclusive competence in ensuring compliance with Executive Order 1034, the Antitrust Law, and Law 26876, the Law Against Monopolies and Oligopolies in the Electricity Sector. 

It oversees the elimination of acts and provisions in Public Administration that constitute bureaucratic barriers and which irrationally block or impede the access or permanence of economic agents in the market. It also contributes to the simplification of administrative proceedings by following up on rules and provisions in order to favor citizens.

Oversees compliance of the regulations and laws that prevent and correct distortions in competition resulting from the importation of products at dumping or subsidized prices, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement, Supreme Executive Order 006-2003-PCM and Supreme Executive Order 133-91-EF.

This Commission is in charge of ensuring compliance with regulations that prevent and punish unfair competition among economic agents that participate in the same market.  It is the agency that has the faculty to apply Executive Order 1044 (Unfair Competition Law) which prohibits and punishes acts of unfair competition, as well as violations of the rules and laws that regulate commercial advertising. The Commission is the only agency of the State with faculties to evaluate the legality of an advertisement and impose penalties on this matter.  

Responsible for managing the proceedings that lead to an appropriate environment for negotiations to be carried out between the creditors and debtor, that is common to all of them, through the calling of a creditor’s meeting.   The objective of this proceeding is to reach efficient solutions so that the creditors may recover their claims. 

Its function is to ensure  compliance of the Consumer Protection Law and the legal provisions that, in general, protect consumers from inadequate goods and services, from deficiencies or lack of information and discrimination in consumption, as well as regulations and laws that complement or substitute those provisions, except in cases where competition is denied by a legally binding rule, with the status, validity and force of law.