Division with Jurisdiction over Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Division is one of the four divisions that form part of the Indecopi Court.  It is the functional entity that hears and settles, in the final administrative instance and with a nationwide scope, the appeals filed in ordinary proceedings related to consumer protection rights and the motions for review filed against second instance rulings/resolutions, in the summary/expedite trials on the same issue.

It also settles complaints filed against the Consumer Protection Commission and its decentralized commissions, against the Intellectual Property Division or any official who works in them, for alleged defects in the processing of any legal action.

Additionally, the Consumer Protection Division rules on requests for clarification, extension and amendment of its own rulings/resolutions.

The Commissions whose rulings/resolutions may be contested before the  Division with Jurisdiction over Consumer Protection are:

  • Consumer Protection Commission — North Lima Office (ILN-CPC)
  • Consumer Protection Commission — South Lima Office Nº1 (CPC 1)
  • Consumer Protection Commission — South Lima Office Nº 2 (CPC2)
  • Commissions in Indecopi Regional Offices, with decentralized responsibilities in consumer protection matters.

Become the administrative entity that promotes the defense of the rights of consumers, in order to encourage the proper functioning of the market.


Take up the challenge to be the last instance for settlement in matters of Consumer Protection, issuing predictable, timely and quality rulings/resolutions to the benefit of the market and its agents.


Hear and settle in the second and last administrative instance, the appeals in ordinary consumer protection proceedings, as well as to ascertain and settle the appeals for review of the summary or expedite proceedings on consumer protection.

  • Improve the operational efficiency and resolution capacity in the area.
  • Develop, in a comprehensive manner, all competencies and skills of the area’s human capital.
  • Improve the image of the institution and the promotional channels in matters related to its scope of responsibilities, as well as the technical positioning both nationwide and abroad.