Organizational Structure

Indecopi organizational structure seeks to give a uniform message promoting fair and honest competition in the market, respecting the functional autonomy of the agencies in charge of applying the specific regulations.  This makes it possible to distinguish the following units:  The Board of Directors, the Functional and Economic Bodies, and Administration.  

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest authority in the administration. It is headed by the Chairman, who acts as institutional representative of Indecopi. The Chairman’s task is to establish general policies, manage the institution’s image and lead the task of promotion and communication.

This body receives the support of an Advisory Council, made up of outstanding and prestigious experts in the public and private sectors that are linked to the role played by Indecopi.

The results of this permanent work make up the body of guidelines for the daily tasks of Indecopi Commissions, Directorates/Offices and Divisions/Courts and contribute to the development of an agenda of institutional policy issues.  

Functional Agencies

The Functional Agencies promote the standards and laws that permit the proper development of the economic agents in the market, guaranteeing that their actions are focused towards the respect for the rights of consumers, the regulations on fair and honest competition, and every form of intellectual property. 


The administrative function is developed directly by a General Management Office and the other Management Offices.  The design of the institution, however, seeks to preserve the autonomy of the Functional Agencies vis-à-vis the Administration. This conception significantly reinforces the technical and autonomous nature of the decisions being taken.

Organizational Chart

Law 30224 created the National Quality System (SNC) and the National Quality Institute (INACAL).  This led to a process of transferring some of Indecopi functions to INACAL, namely the areas of the National Metrology Service, the National Accreditation System (SNA) and the Standards section of the Commission for the Standardization and Supervisory Control of Non-Tariff Trade Barriers.  INACAL began its operations on June 1. 2015, and since then the metrology, accreditation and standardization areas no longer are part of Indecopi.  Thus the institution’s organizational chart is as follows: