Management Offices


This is the highest executive body within the institution. It is supervised hierarchically and functionally by the Board of Directors. Indecopi technical and administrative personnel, including the technical secretaries of commissions and court divisions, as well as heads of the different intellectual property offices, are supervised by the Management in administrative matters.

Administration and Finance Management

In charge of providing the necessary resources to ensure the operation of the different agencies within the Institution.

Economic Studies Management

In charge of providing technical support and information relevant to the sector to the Settlement Bodies within Indecopi.

Legal Counseling Management

Its main function is to provide legal counseling services to all the institute’s agencies, particularly to those in Indecopi Senior Management. 

Regional Offices Management

In charge of planning, organization, direction, administration and supervision of the services provided by Indecopi in the different regions of the country.

Supervision and Inspection Management

Its main function is to provide, by order of Indecopi Settlement Bodies and Technical Secretariats, the legal-technical support in the execution of supervisory and inspection faculties in their economic activities.

Information Technology Management

It is responsible for formulating, executing and assessing regulatory policies regarding information security. It also undertakes the planning, coordination and control of data processing and systems of registration in every area within Indecopi.

Technical Cooperation and International Relations Management

Coordinates topics of interest with international organizations and negotiates trade agreements that may have an impact on Indecopi policies governing competition and intellectual property. 

Promotion and Dissemination Management

Formulates and proposes promotion and dissemination policies nationwide. Advises the Senior Management on strategies to improve the institution’s positioning. Formulates and proposes the institutional communications plan. Designs, formulates and executes programs and projects for institutional communications, geared to promote and publicize competition issues related to Indecopi to the general public.  Plans, organizes, coordinates and supervises events.