Scope of Indecopi Certification

Indecopi is currently one of the few public institutions in Peru and Latin America that has been able to maintain and renew its ISO 9001 Certification since 2000.

This achievement is the result of the efforts of a team that is committed to Indecopi mission and vision and its policy of quality, to offer customers a good and constantly improving service.

The certification obtained includes Indecopi management process for the following services:

Commissions for the Defense of Competition
Areas Services
Commission for Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers Identification and elimination of illegal and irrational bureaucratic barriers
Consumer Protection Commission Settlement of disputes

Settlement Bodies for Summary/Expedite Proceedings in the Consumer Protection – HQ

Settlement of disputes
Non-compliance with corrective measures and conciliation agreements
Commission on Unfair Competition (CCD)  Settlement of disputes
Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission (CFD) Investigations into dumping and subsidies
Commission for the Defense of Free Competition (CLC)

Actions against violations of Executive Order on  anticompetitive conduct
Advance notice on electricity concentration operations

Commission for the Standardization and Control of Non-Tariff Trade Barriers Approval of Peruvian Technical Standards
Bankruptcy Proceedings Commission (HQ and six regional offices)

Ordinary bankruptcy proceedings

Recognition of debts

Intellectual Property Offices:
Areas Services
Citizen Services (SAC) Information
Complaints service
National Metrology Service (SNM)

Calibration of measuring instruments and equipment in the metrology labs for magnitude of Mass, Temperature, Electricity, Length and Angle, Volume and Density, and Strength and Pressure.

Analysis of pisco
Information and Documentation Center (CID) 

Bibliographic search engine.
Selective alert and promotion

Sale of publications

Consultation service
Indecopi Regional Offices (10) Information
Complaints service